Structure and terms of reference

How the Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP) is constructed.


The WSCP consists of an Executive and four sub-groups. View our organisation structure, including details of sub-groups and their terms of reference.

For local arrangements to be effective, there needs to be engagement with organisations and agencies who can work in a collaborative way to provide targeted support to children and families as appropriate. These are referred to as the relevant agencies.

View the arrangements for the WSCP.

WSCP organisation structure

Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership Executive

The Partnership Executive oversees the Partnership's arrangements. The Executive members are also responsible for ensuring information cascades from the Partnership through their own organisations.

View the WSCP Executive terms of reference.

Monitoring Quality and Performance Group Sub-Committee

The Monitoring, Quality and Performance Group (MQP) is key to the challenge and accountability of the Partnership. It provides an effective monitoring, quality and performance function with sharply defined accountability to the Executive. The MQP is led by the Independent Chair and Scrutineer and feeds directly into each Executive meeting.

View the Monitoring Quality and Performance terms of reference.

Four sub-committees report to the Monitoring, Quality and Performance Group:

1. Training and Workforce Development Sub-Committee

This develops effective training, workforce development materials and events which ensure that both core and specialist knowledge and skills development is supported across the Partnership and that learning is effectively disseminated.

View the Training and Workforce Development Sub-Committee terms of reference.

2. Safeguarding and Continuous Learning Sub-Committee (SCL)

This provides the organisation and delivery of local child safeguarding practice reviews and action plans, and multi-agency audits, feeding them into the Monitoring, Quality and Performance Group. SCL also provides challenge to the Partnership on the implementation of action plans arising from Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and other learning reviews. The learning identified by SCL inform Critical Learning Events.

View the Safeguarding and Continuous Learning Sub-Committee terms of reference.

3. MASH Operational Managers Group

The MASH Operational Managers Group will provide effective scrutiny of and challenge to partners practice, undertaking audits to identify good practice and areas where practice can improve.

View the MASH Operational Managers Group terms of reference.

4. Strategic MACE

The objective of this panel is a strategic oversight, accountability and ensuring the tracking of impact. Where there are blockages to plans, themes, locations, and persons of interest; these will be discussed here with a view to early identification, planning, and disruption.

View the Strategic MACE terms of reference.

WSCP Executive

The WSCP Executive has members from the Council, South West London CCG, Metropolitan Police, and Education sector.

The Executive is:

Member Position Organisation

Mark Maidment

Who has delegated his authority to:

Chief Executive Wandsworth Council
Ana Popovici Director Children's Services Wandsworth Council
Clinical Commissioning Group
Member Position Organisation

Sarah Blow

Who has delegated her authority to:

Accountable Officer South West London CCG
  Director of Quality and Governance South West London CCG
Member Position Organisation

Elisabeth Chapple

Who has delegated her authority to:

BCU Commander for SW London Metropolitan Police
Andrew Wadey Detective Superintendent, Head of Safeguarding for SW London Metropolitan Police
Advisory Standing Members
Member Position Organisation

Ruth Hudson

Headteacher Co-chair of Primary Heads Safeguarding Forums Rep
Patricia Andre-Watson Headteacher Co-chair of Primary Heads Safeguarding Forums Rep
Andre Bailey Headteacher Chair of Secondary Schools Forum Rep

Relevant agencies

The relevant agencies for our multi-agency safeguarding arrangements in Wandsworth are:

  • Wandsworth Council:
    • Public Health
    • Children’s Services
    • Adult Services
    • Housing
    • Community Safety
    • Youth Offending
  • Wandsworth CCG
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Each Early Years Provider
  • Each Primary School
  • Each Secondary School
  • Each Special School
  • Each 16 to 18 Education Provider
  • Each Independent School
  • Alternative Providers
  • National Probation Service
  • London Probation Service - Community Rehabilitation Company
  • Central London Community Healthcare Trust
  • St George’s NHS Trust
  • SW London and St George’s Mental Health Trust
  • Each private health provider
  • For each health provider – the named health professionals
  • London Ambulance Service
  • Each voluntary sector provider for children
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Each children’s home provider
  • HM Prison Wandsworth